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Sula is a travel agency focused in birdwatching and wildlife tours in Colombia. We strongly support ideas and initiatives for nature conservation at both urban and natural areas. As a travel agency, we reach scientific and non-scientific audience interested in nature. In this way we recognize our important role on promoting ecotourism and conservation, as well as discussions and taking actions on biodiversity, sustainable practices and citizen science in Colombia.

The ecosystemic and species diversity embedded in the complex geography of Colombia, becomes tangible in the richness and variety of landscapes found in the national territory. There are hundreds of travelers, explorers and foreign scientists who, when traveling regions of Colombia, have recorded their fascination with their nature, as we find it in strict scientific observations or in diverse expressions of fantasy that generates awe in the cultured mind.

Ecotourism is an economic alternative that can raise incomes in communities living close to biodiversity-rich areas, while helping to conserve natural capital. When it is developed by local guides, it directly supports local people and communities, helps to preserve local biodiversity, and nurture the emerging conservation conscience in the population of Colombia.

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Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world: 1st place in birds and orchids, 2nd place in plants, amphibians, butterflies and freshwater fish, 3rd place in palms and reptiles and 4th place in mammals. 58 national natural parks and 11 sanctuaries from 0 to 5.775 2 oceans, and 42 rivers.

Culture, history, biodiversity, landscapes and 1.2 million square kilometres to discover!

Natural Regions of Colombia

Colombia is divided into six natural regions constituted by differences in topography, weather, vegetation and types of soil where you can find all the biggest ecosystems of the continent: Andean, Amazonian, Savannas, Caribbean basin and Pacific Basin.

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Sula Colombia is a travel agency for birdwatching and wildlife tours in Colombia.


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